In our last meetup, we explored building web apps with Vue.js and Google Cloud Firestore using real application examples. Cloud FireStore provides all the important platform tools for your startup or application: authentication, real-time database, security, analytics, and data query. It’s a great platform to keep you focused on your application. (not infrastructure).  Here’s a few follow-up notes and tools to address VueCLI, VueFire, and a few other concepts.   Hope you enjoy!

VueJS Introduction by Net Ninjas: Nice set of tutorials introducing the major concepts of Vue and building components.

Getting Started With Cloud Firestore on the Web - Firecasts: This video from the Firebase team provides a tour of FireStore’s major features and integration to your web app.

Building a Google Keep Clone with Vue and Firebase

Vue Fire: JavaScript package that integrates Vue and Firebase under an MIT public license.

FireTimeSheet: Demo application of building a time entry system with FireStore.   This is the app we reviewed during the meetup.



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