This year the Google Developers Group is organizing the DevFest conference, which brings together world-class experts in Android, Web and Cloud technologies to Orlando for 1 day of sessions, workshops, and showcases. However, this year, we are doing something extra for the startup community. A place to discuss and share startups lessons, methods, tips, and technology used to grow a business.

We decided that startups don’t go without technology, and technology doesn’t go without startups. Then why not do a startup stage as well?

We introduce to you: The Startup Stage of DevFest. 🚀

Imagine, if we didn’t have the help of Firebase, Google Analytics or Cloud services such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services? How hard would that be to build a startup and scale it for a lot of users? Join us for a set of seven talks to talk about these tools and practices that make our lives as entrepreneurs, much easier.

We will host amazing speakers that will share practices, tips or their personal startup stories on:

  1. Building their empires from Florida
  2. How to choose the perfect technology stack for your startup
  3. Ways to lead your team and motivate them to become leaders
  4. How should companies innovate, but internally?
  5. Startups Do’s and Don’ts
  6. How to build traction and raise money from Florida

There are so many things that we want to talk about and hear your perspectives on. Don’t forget to check our twitter page for more updates on the speakers, coming from Google, Orlando Economic Partnership, Streann, Ampstor, Pluralsight, ViewStub, and Capco.

We invite everyone that would like to join the discussion, who would like to learn new technologies that can help their startup grow, or just to connect with people with the same mindset or from relevant industries. If you are a student, prep your Resume, you might be getting some interesting leads here.

If you are interested, check our web page:

See you on November 16th! 🖐

About the Author:

Anita Kirkovska
Founder of and #AMPStory // Women Tech makers Ambassador // NASA Space Apps Organizer of Orlando // GDG Organizer

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