For the DevFest Florida 2019 conference, we have engaged top thought leaders in web development, mobile development, cloud computing, IoT and machine learning as speakers.  In this blog post, we wanted to connect you to these developer mentors and their blogs.  Make sure to subscribe to help take your coding skills to the next level.  To learn more about DevFest Florida developer conference in 2019 and our amazing team of speakers, please visit

John Papa

John Papa is a Principal Developer Advocate with Microsoft and an alumni of the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft Regional Director, and MVP programs. He’s passionate about Web and mobile technologies and often enjoys speaking around the world at keynotes and sessions for conferences including NgConf, Build, Ignite, VSLive and AngleBrackets. John is a co-host of the popular Adventures in Angular podcast, author of the Angular Style Guide, several books, and many popular Pluralsight courses. You can reach me at or on twitter at @john_papa

John Papa

Loiane Groner

Loiane Groner has been working with software development for 10+ years and is currently working as business analyst and senior Java/HTML5/JavaScript developer at an american financial institution. Loiane has authored books for Packt Publishing, is a Google Developer Expert in Web/Angular, Microsoft MVP in Web Technologies and Oracle Developer Champion. In her spare time, she publishes articles at her blog and video tutorials at

Meet Loiane

Kevin Galligan

President of Touchlab. Have been coding Android since before the G1. We run the big Android meetup in NYC, and Droidcon NYC. Currently obsessed with platform convergence/multiplatform topics.

Meet Kevin

Jared Porcenaluk

Jared is the organizer of Orlando IoT and a full-stack developer at Nebbia Technology. As the Orlando IoT organizer for the past two years, he’s helped connect people who connect things by organizing a monthly meetup. As a software developer at Nebbia, his mission is to make software projects be more successful by leveraging DevOps and the cloud.

Joey deVilla

Joey deVilla is the Lead Product Manager at Sourcetoad, a development shop in Tampa, and an author on the Android Team at the tutorial site In former lives, he’s been a platform evangelist at SMARTRAC, GSG Telco, and Shopify.

Lara Martin -

Lara Martin is a self-made Android developer based in Berlin. Her passion for Android made her transition from her background in science to software development. When she’s not attending a tech meetup, you will find her playing video games

Vikram Tiwari

Building scalable web and data platforms for high availability, resilience, and security. Co-founder, Tech @omnilabsinc #GDE @GoogleCloud

Aygul Zagidullina

Actions on Google developer. GDG & WTM London lead. Director of Social Media @ MotaWord. Ex-@Google @Todoist. PhD Quantum Chemistry. Google Launchpad mentor.



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