The tech industry moves fast.  As technology leaders and developers, it’s a challenge to stay connected with the latest trends, practices, code patterns, and tools.  Attending a developer conference can really help since you learn from the experiences(wins and mistakes) of other organizations.  To help developers and tech leaders advance their careers and grow our local startup community, we invite you to DevFest Florida 2019, the largest Google technology conference in Florida.  We’ve designed our sessions and workshops to help you stay connected to the most important trends in web development, mobile development, machine learning, and cloud computing.

What are some of the key benefits of attending DevFest Florida 2019?
Connect with like-minded developers and innovators:  As developers, we’re constantly learning and growing our skills.  Yes. We learn a lot through blogs, social media, courseware, but there’s something special about learning from other developers. (face to face)   I personally appreciate getting to meet technologists who have similar interests and career path to gain insight into what I should learn and not learn. As humans, we’re meant to connect in reality, not the virtual world.  I love learning from various mentors that I encounter at a conference. On the flip side, our community has big heart for supporting developers in their career growth and professional development.   From the speakers to attendees, you’ll find that DevFest Florida conference community members want to help you find answers and help you take that next step.

Because of the generous support of Google, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Google team members who influence or build the tools we love. (GCP, Angular, Flutter, GSuite)  Meet enterprise development experts from brands like Comcast, Shopify, Citibank, and IBM. We’re excited to invite speakers from a broad range of local startups and small businesses.   We’re excited to share potent teaching to help you move your business and career forward.

Practical insight to help your team save time and money:  Many organizations in our community continue to migrate their infrastructure to cloud providers.  Many of our speakers are thought leaders in DevOps. They’re looking forward to arming you with tools to help you optimize your transition to the cloud in terms of team dynamic, culture, or technology.  From GCP, CloudML, and GSuite, Google offers unique tools to help your teams stay agile and focused on the business. (not complexity) In a similar fashion, web developers can learn time saving insights on Angular from experts like John Papa, Loiane Groner, Michael Prentice, and more.  If you’re looking to optimize your mobile development strategy, we have an amazing team of mobile development influencers from brands like Nike, Google, IBM, and .

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Keeping your eyes toward the future:  Whether you’re a large enterprise or startup, you need to keep your eyes toward the future while providing solid execution on your current line of business.   Google conferences like DevFest Florida provide a unique perspective for business innovators and entrepreneurs to explore the future of tech. During one of our GDG events in Macon, GA, our GDG started playing with Google Glass and Google Cardboard.   From that seed, my software team started investing in the platforms of Android, Unity, VR, and AR. From those investments, we won millions of dollars of applied research work. If you want to stay ahead of your market competition, consider investing in growing your vision and investing in your team for innovation.  We believe that we’re only scratching the surface of the power of machine learning, IoT, AR, and VR to help solve our world’s most important problems. We’re excited to share this vision with you.

Networking with our local tech scene:  In modern software engineering, the craft of building community has become more important. Think about some of the open source software that we all love: Angular, Android, Linux, React, TensorFlow, etc.  The best open source tools thrive because a community intentionally decide to collaborate and work together to create something larger than their own effort. This is one of the most powerful innovation strategies of the Internet age.   We all want a thriving local tech scene in our city. It’s important to support and grow that community. At DevFest Florida, we’re actively working to connect meetup groups across the state of Florida to build a vibrant local startup community.  From Orlando, we appreciate our partner meetups like: ONETUG, CodePen, Android meetup, Unity Meetup, Orlando Data Science and Machine Learning meetup, Orlando IoT, and Girls Develop IT.

Hands on learning experiences: During the conference, we plan to offer hands-on code labs around Google Cloud Platform and IoT integration.  We will also offer an extended coding workshop introducing building augmented reality mobile apps using Google ARCore and Unity.  If you like to learn by doing, we got you covered!

Good times factor: As a community, we believe in growing our minds whiling having a great time too!   DevFest Florida will be held steps away from Disney World and the nightlife of Disney Springs.  After enjoying the conference, treat your team to a fun night on the town or continue to party with new friends from the conference!  

Look forward to meeting you!

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