I’m a big fan of the work of the AFrame.IO community.  Thank you to Mozilla, Diego Marcos, Kevin Ngo, and Don McCurdy for their influence and effort to build a fun and productive platform for building WebVR experiences.   For some of my amigos from DevFestFlorida 2017, I’ve collected a few Github repositories and resources to support you in building AFrame experiences.

Kevin’s collection of A-Frame components and scenes.

Awesome WebVR from Don McCurdy

JavaScript toolkit for interior apps https://3d.io

Infinite background environments for your A-Frame VR scene in just one file.

Interactive workshop and lessons for learning A-Frame and WebVR.

Aframe component for using html as a texture, powered by html2canvas

L-System/LSystem component for A-Frame to draw 3D turtle graphics. Using Lindenmayer as backend.

Official registry of cool AFrame stuff

A set of A-Frame components for quickly creating rooms connected by doors.

Components for A-Frame physics integration, built on CANNON.js.

I’ve collected a small collection of demo apps to explore some of the core ideas of AFrame.


If you live in Central Florida or Orlando, consider checking out our local chapter of Google developer Group.  We enjoy building a fun creative community of developers, sharing ideas, code, and supporting each other in the craft of software.  Learn more about our community here:



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