In science fiction, we have dreamed about the days when we’ll talk to our computers to make things happen.  In Star Trek, crew members can talk to the Holodeck computer to “program” and explore amazing virtual experiences.  Tony Stark(aka. Ironman) constantly gets situation awareness from Jarvis during battle by simply talking to his device.   We’re still a long way away from Holodecks, R2D2, and Ironman.   As developers, we can explore the potential of voice interactions with mobile devices today.

Join us for Google Actions Hackathon, July 28th at 10 am. 

During this hackathon, we’ll explore advanced ways to integrate Google Actions and Dialogue Flow with your back-end services or web api’s.   Here are the details.

  • What: Google Actions Hackathon - A contest to build the best chatbot
  • Where: Melrose Center, 101 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801 (directions)
  • When: July 28th from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Why?
    • Community
    • Prizes
    • Food
    •  Opportunity to learn how to build awesome chat bot experiences.

What have other developers created using Google Actions?

How do I get started with the Google Actions API?

To learn some of the basics of building a bot application using Google Actions, check out the following video from Google I/O 2018 conference.


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