Hey, developers! We want to give a shout out to our friends at Orlando .NET users group.   They’ve organized a free developer conference, Orlando Code Camp, with amazing content that you can leverage in your work today.   We really appreciate their effort in bringing together developer communities across tech boundaries.   It’s going to be a fun opportunity to learn, make new friends in the Orlando community, and level up in your craft.

You can learn more at https://orlandocodecamp.com/ .


University Partnership Building
Seminole State College (Sanford)
100 Weldon Blvd
Sanford FL 32746

when: 3/17/2018 8AM to 5PM

Here are 10 reasons you should check out Orlando Code Camp.

VS Code Can Do That!

John Papa

How do you debug so easily in VS Code? What’s are those key combinations to edit code so quickly? What extensions are the ones I shouldn’t code without? Get ready to hit the ground running in this fast-paced, demo-heavy talk that takes you through some of the best and most effective tips and tricks in VS Code. Learn how to setup your environment and customize it the way you like it. You’ll walk out with several tips on how to be more efficient with one of the hottest tools on the Web today!

Intro NgRx - Angular state management in a React/Redux way

We’ll cover the complexities of state management in Angular. We’ll also cover the five W’s of the FLUX pattern. Finally, we’ll introduce the NgRx library and the amazing toolset that is now at the disposal of Angular developers.

Xamarin.Forms + MVVM + Visual Studio + Azure

Mark J Radacz

Rapid cross-platform mobile application development with Visual Studio + Xamarin.Forms + Azure is becoming very popular using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture pattern. Learn how to design your applications for better modularity, separation of UI and business layers, code sharing flexibility, testability, and ease to maintain.

.NET Containerization with Kubernetes, Helm, and Draft

The recent release of AKS, the newest version of managed Kubernetes services for Microsoft Azure, allows developers to quickly realize the benefits of open source Kubernetes without the complexity and operational overhead of getting it up and running. In this presentation, we will go from 0 to running application with AKS. We will also explore Container and Kubernetes fundamentals and take advantage of tools to get developers code to production faster.

Real-time Web clients API integration with Node.Js, Socket.IO, Angular and Redis

Oscar Garcia

In this presentation, we take a look at moving away from traditional API polling integration into a real-time integration in which the client app uses a persistent connection to the server for bidirectional communication and live data streaming. We also talk about the scalability challenges of the application and integration with a Redis cluster as our in in-memory data solution.

Build a Successful Startup

Mahesh Chand

Do you have an idea or a startup? Don’t know how and where to start? This session covers from the idea to a successful launch of a startup and how to become successful. Agenda: 1. Validate your idea 2. Find a co-founder 3. Build a team 4. Get an MVP Ready 5. Prepare a team of beta testers and early adopters 6. Validate and refine 7. Get funding 8. Build a full-featured product 9. Build a board 10. Launch it

You Should be Using Go

Ayan George

Go is programming language created at Google with roots as far back as the 70’s and created by pioneers like Ken Thompson and Rob Pike. Given Go’s provenance and rising popularity, I expect most developers will need at least a familiarity with Go sooner or later. We’ll discuss and demonstrate some of the interesting features of Go and make the case that you should be using Go for your next project.

Docker: Contain Yourself!

You keep hearing about it, but you don’t know what the Docker fuss is all about. Or…you’ve started playing with Docker but it’s confusing and you don’t quite ‘get it’ yet. This session is for you. I’ll explain what Docker and containerization is all about in simple, plain terms — and then show you how software is “Dockerized”. All skill levels welcome; absolutely no experience with Docker needed to get the full benefit of this session.

Electron: Desktop Development For Web

Christopher Woodruff

Imagine if you will, your Manager asks you to develop a new desktop application. You’re so used to web development that you don’t know how to get started. What should you do? Dig out your old VB 6 books or learn a new technology? Better yet, keep those web skills and use Electron. Electron is the cross-platform application shell GitHub originally built for the Atom editor. The focus of this talk will allow you to leave with the starting skills to set up your development environment, generate your starter project, and build some business logic. Chris Woodruff will be your guide to leveraging your valuable skills for the desktop.

Building WebVR experiences with AFrame.IO

Michael Rosario from GDG Central Florida

In the next few years, augmented reality and virtual reality will continue to provide innovations in gaming, education and training. Other applications might include helping you tour your next vacation resort or explore a future architecture design. Thanks to open web standards like WebVR, web developers can leverage their existing skills in JavaScript and HTML to create delightful VR experiences. During this session, we will explore A-Frame.io, an open source project supported by Mozilla enabling you to craft VR experiences using JavaScript and a growing ecosystem of web components.


For a full list of sessions, check out the following link:



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