Block Party VR provides an open source project based learning experience for developers getting started in VR or gaming. In this proof of concept game, we will build a multiplayer “Minecraft” like experience designed for VR. The current implementation leverages Google Firebase for client collaboration.

To maximize the impact of the project, we will focus on building a Google Cardboard app in the beginning.   Google Cardboard VR has the largest VR market share.  The platform can support iOS and Android devices.

Keep in mind, we’re trying to create a collaborative, fun, learning project to support the growth of developers.  Look forward to seeing you join our Block Party! 🙂

We are open to seeing Block Party VR ported to other VR and AR platforms.   While the current implementation leverages Google Firebase, it would be cool to learn other multi-play platforms too.

Check out the following link to get started.

Where is the source code?

All code for block party is released under MIT public license.

Want to make a contribution of something you’ve learned?  Create a feature branch and share your code!



Build Connected VR experiences with Unity and Firebase

Hey developers! Interested in getting started with building virtual reality applications? In our session tonight, we will explore the basics of building a Google DayDream experience. We’ll also connect our VR experiences using Google Firebase, a cool solution for building real-time databases. As always, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with like-minded developers who have a passion for building cool stuff! Look forward to seeing you there!

Special thanks to the Orlando Unity Developers group for partnering with GDG to organize this workshop. Check them out at

  • When: Wednesday, February 7, 2021 - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Where: Melrose Center (inside of Orlando Public Library) - 101 E. Central Blvd · Orlando, FL
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